SIRA Committees

The Southern Indiana REALTORS® Association would like to thank all association members serving on a committee in 2019.

MLS Committee

Robert Denison (Chair)

Morgan Bauer

Rob Gaines

Reed Martin

Christina McKim

Jeremy Ward

Beth Koetter

Installation Committee

Julie Dulaney (Chair)

Kara Whalin

Vanessa Braswell

Jennifer Coward

Education Committee

Jennifer Coward (Chair)

Anica Bell

Lee Ann Harp

Fancy Smith

Laura Henson

Gov Affairs Committee

Bill Burns (Chair)

Pat Harrison

Susan Riley

Kim Baker

Professional Standards (IAR)

Jim Baker

Chuck Fugate

Kevin Kelly

Cat Stevens

Tracy Long Jones

Vince Hopper

Finance Committee

Glenda Gasparine

Linda Finney (Treasurer)

Kyle Wohrle

Diana Mayfield

Bob Murphy

Vince Hopper

Terry Graham (CPA)

Nominating Committee

Diana Mayfield (Chair)

Diane Thomas

Bob Murphy

Stephanie Wilson

PR Committee

Sara White (Chair)

Vanessa Braswell

Sherri Banet

BY Laws

Vicki Kitterman

Pam Lumley

Reed Martin

RPAC Trustee/Campaign Committee

Bill Burns (Chair)

Pat Harrison

Susan Riley

Kim Baker

YPN Committee

Abilgail Richmer (Chair)

Anica Bell

Bethany Kerr

Sharon Gordon

Grievance, Professional Standards, and RPAC Trustees require special training and certification in order to serve.
Finance, Nominating, and ROTY Committees are filled per Bylaws.
Work Groups and Action Teams are open to general membership and filled by Board of Directors, Chair or Staff as needed.